How to choose the suitable electronic cigarettes atomizer?

How to choose the acceptable electronic cigarettes atomizer? Device may be a heating components, electronic smoke through the battery box (pole) calorific power supply, make the within of the atomizer smoke oil volatilization, form the smoke, so we will achieve when smoke electronic “smoking” the effect. the present electronic cigarettes atomizer is especially divided into smoke (smoke simulation using), storage cloud and optimum oil cloud, its quality mainly depends on the fabric , and process of warmth wire. Today we mainly to the oil storage and therefore the characteristics of the 2 drops of oil atomizer do some simple introduction, let everybody within the play can more sensible choice to smoke process suitable for his or her own equipment.

How to choose the acceptable electronic cigarettes atomizer?

Oil atomizer is split into finished products atomizer and DIY atomizer on categories, warehouse , can still smoke, is ordinary players more commonly used options.How to choose the acceptable electronic cigarettes atomizer? DIY storage cloud:DIY, even as its name implies is to yourself, is that the biggest difference with finished product atomizer can make your own atomization core, use cost low, play is quite the finished product capsule it. DIY oil atomization within the tao is split into a warehouse and warehouse, within the warehouse belong to atomization warehouse, atomizing core is formed , the granary. Outside the warehouse may be a warehouse , normally basic can guarantee each day crammed with a bunker oil smoke oil usage.Between inside and out of doors the warehouse have a guide groove, through conducting oil cotton as medium will guide to smoke within the outside storage oil atomizing core. About the way to create a neighborhood of the atomizing core within the later we’ll also detailed said. DIY oil atomizer are often divided into two categories, taste and smoke. DIY oil atomizer suitable for players who play features a certain experience in smoke.
How to choose the acceptable electronic smoke it? The finished product oil storage atomizer:Finished product, refers to the atomization core is finished, it’s very convenient to use, the benefits of the atomizing core are often directly replaced. Defect is finished atomizing core use cost, high, an atomization core takes about 30 yuan, under normal circumstances every week approximately will got to replace the atomization core at a time. If the utilization of high frequency or smoke oil carbon deposition is serious, use time are going to be greatly reduced. Finished product atomizer is suitable for beginners and dealing quite busy using cost players use.Drops of oil atomizer using low resistance, high power output, low resistance moment of tons of warmth , oil evaporation many smoke, the smoke volume. Directly on the warmth wire guide oil cotton drip oil smoke, is that the best the fastest method of conducting oil may be a senior players prefer choice.

How to choose the acceptable electronic cigarettes atomizer? Drops of oil atomizer:

No warehouse , drops of oil atomizer is atomized warehouse, use the add a couple of drops of oil on the conducting oil, cotton, then hospitable smoke, smoke a couple of mouth later to guide the oil drops of oil on the cotton. Drops of oil atomizer generally have quite one electrode column, are often single and multiple, since there’s no warehouse , for us the manufacturing atomizing core space even more. Can better play imagination, players play large low resistance, smoke, suitable for electronic cigarette smoke show contestants and senior players use.Currently on the market there are a couple of drops of store atomizer and finished products DIY dual-use atomizer, and appoint the device isn’t currently on the market of the mainstream, but such atomizer also let players to possess more choices.The above is about the way to choose the acceptable electronic cigarette atomizer? The related content, welcome to go away a message, share more smoke play experience. Next we’ll integrated several technique Daniel’s point of view, from a technical point reading electronic cigarettes any harm, play together electronic cigarettes, please look!

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