How to change VAPORESSO LUXE S settings

Vaporesso Luxe S 220W Touch Screen TC Kit with SKRR-S, the LUXE violent vape machine you have ever seen. The luxurious design details are excellent perspective S LUXE, but most importantly, what one of its interior bring LUXE S is the main reason for calling “Schneider vaping animal.”

He takes your breath 2 “screen built into a stylish edge to edge display with touch-sensitive keys that you have the amazing interplay of these high-tech device that can allow. The vibration of the defective device makes the interaction more vivid as he speaks to you.

OMNI 4.2 plate with the latest chipset technology also provides an extensive list of new features and powerful settings run to provide power that can reach the maximum output power of 220W. The modes offered by the Board of OMNI 4.2 including VM, VT, VV, CC, BP, DIY and SP (Super player), with a wide range of power such that it can meet a variety of vaping needs of different vapers.

So before you begin your new vape S LUXE, why not take a few minutes to read these instructions and familiarize yourself with your device faster.

General Settings:
Vaporesso GEN TC Mod Kit
Step 1: Fill the e-juice

Screw the tip drip directly, you can use your favorite e-juice filling through the opening.

Step 2: Installation of the reservoir

SS mode / NI / IT (VT), the sprayer type need to be recognized if a new one is installed.
Fashion proposed for different coils: Mode VW-N for the tank to the coil and power QF QF STRIPS, SS guide (VT) for SK CCELL coil.

Step 3: Turn off the power

Turn on the machine by the power button 5 times in 2 seconds, off repeatedly.
For your safety, if you continuously for more than 10 seconds, it shows “10s time” and the unit will temporarily stop work VAPE.
Press the MODE button 3 times the menu for the device wake access from sleep.

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Step 4: Choose your

VW-H / VW N / VW-S (variable mode Wattage – high / low normal /) will automatically select it the correct average power for your atomizer when you switch between different ohm resistor.
SP (Super player mode): In this mode, it will support a wide resistance range from 0.5Ω to 0.03Ω, which is suitable for the general public DDR tanks.
VT-SS / VT-NI / VT-IT: the variable temperature control mode for the stainless steel / nickel / titanium material.
VV (variable voltage mode): can be the voltage corresponding to coil resistance is the more you manually, manual adjustment of the resistance of the coil using, the higher voltage must accordingly.
CCW (Custom Curve Wattage mode): The use up and down buttons your own graph of output power line, moving to the next bar with a single press of the fire button, press the Mode button Freeze output and adjust, if the adjustment is made ,
BP (manual mode): The DC voltage output mode to the level of the battery is dependent on the higher the level of the highest-voltage battery output, supports coil resistance range: 0.05-5ohm.
CCV (Custom Curve voltage mode in DIY menu): You can use up and down button, the curve of the output voltage line, moves to the next bar with a single press of the fire button presses adjust to store key fashion and leave when the setting made becomes.
TCR M1 / ​​M2 (Coefficient of Resistance mode temperature, the MENU DIY) Note: VT mode and TCR, Celsius and Fahrenheit can be switched by setting its maximum value on the page.
SMART ON / OFF (in SET MENU): if it is switched on, the unit will set a default power within a security boundary in a VW-H-Mode / N / S as a function of the coil resistance levels(vaporesso vape).
AUTO ON / OFF (in SET MENU): When steaming in VW VW-M-N, the power level setting in VT-H mode, and VT-N, when activated, to reduce the risk of overheating, automatic device.

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